The UK is the number 1 destination in Europe certainly for the arts, media, sport, science, travel. The list really is endless. Living and working in the UK can provide everything you may want out of life but are still somehow missing in your current business location.

There is a huge demand in the UK for foreign dentists from the European Union wishing to come to the United Kingdom to live, work and practice as a dentist. If you had always planned or dreamed of living and working in the UK as a dentist, now is the time.

The amount of variety in geography, history, buildings, people and culture, and anything else you care to mention, that are found in the United Kingdom, would be hard matched anywhere else in the world.

From the majesty and cultural icons that just London has to offer……….

Houses of Parliament at Night Viewed from the South Bank of the River Thames:

The London Eye:

To the jewels of the North……..

The Tyne Millenium Bridge in Newcastle:

The Newcastle area and the North East region of the UK is famed for it’s friendly and welcoming people. It is also famous for it’s hardworking attitude to life. A visit to the city of Newcastle will be a real eye opener, not only for it’s beauty, cleanliness and beautiful architecture, but also for it’s vibrant nightlife.

We need more Dentists in the UK. Dentists from fellow European countries who wish to experience a positive change in their working life, surroundings, culture, and of course a pay increase!

In fact in 2004, a report by the UK Department of Health determined that the profound shortage of UK dentists was going to get worse and would double by 2011. It established way back in 2003, that England alone had 1,850 fewer dentists than it needed. The BDA (British Dental Association), was warning at the time that the situation was potentially dire for the public and things would get worse.

The UK government stated at the time that it would make the UK an attractive place for foreign Dental Professionals and Dentists and would increase training places to raise the levels of UK based dentists.
The report suggested the shortfall will be between 3,400 – 5,000 dentists by the year 2011.

So, here we are in 2010. There is still a considerable shortfall in UK Dentists. We, at Medicruit, are dedicated to providing opportunities for dentists in other European Countries , outside the UK, to fulfill their dream of working in the UK’s rich, vibrant, multicultural society.
We also pride ourselves on helping the United Kingdom restock our reserves of dental professionals and dentists, back up from the dangerous levels we had reached in past years.
We are still nowhere near yet, and our aim is to make dentists working in other countries such as Sweden , Portugal & Poland, that we value their skills and expertise. We can guide them through the entry process into the UK to live and work as dentists, far out earning what they have previously earned , for the majority, in their careers as dentists to date. After all, the average dentists’ wage in the UK is almost £90,000, sterling.

Less than half the UK population are registered with an NHS dentist, obviously geographically some regions display a fraction of that. We at Medicruit find that unacceptable and want to raise the numbers and availability of NHS Dentists working in the UK for the general populace.

Whilst past Governments may have taken their eye off the ball and underfunded sponsored Dentists’ places, University places and training courses, the rest of the United Kingdom has flourished.

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