We have mobilised our website to make life easier for our clients and userbase. The world is going mobile and mobility is the buzzword of the past decade and this new decade in which we are entering. People want information at their fingertips and do not want to be tied to one fixed position.
In the information age it is imperative, we believe, to deliver information and news as it happens. Whether it is the latest piece of UK dental legislation regarding dental professionals from overseas, or the latest dental vacancies hitting our database.

We have made our website at www.Medicruit.info mobile friendly so it autodetects which device you are accessing our site from. So if you are visiting our site from a pc or laptop you will get the full experience. If you are visiting our site from a top end smartphone like the iphone or a blackberry, again you will get a full experience. You need only punch in the same url, you don’t even need to type in www.
If accessing via pc or laptop, just enter medicruit.info into the browser. On your mobile browser it will be preloaded with http://, so just type in medicruit.info
See the mobile emulator to see how an iphone views our site. It is the top mobile phone in the world so it is possible to navigate a full pc experience on our site.

We are mindful there are billions of mobile users in the world with thousands of different mobile handsets in use at any onetime globally. We aim to serve information & jobs from the top iphone handsets to the most basic lowend mobiles.

Please see below the screenshots of different mobile phones and browsers to see how our site will display. You will be able to garner the key information whilst on the go, cutting out large, heavy images which would cost you more and slow down your browsing experience.

Nokia N70


Samsung Z105


Sharp GX10


Motorola V3i


Sony K750i

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