Millions in the UK have difficulty getting an NHS Dentist

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A recent article and press release by the Citizens Advice Bureau highlights how UK citizens are struggling to even find an NHS Dentist and it urges Primary Care Trusts to spend newly allocated resources to improve access. It should be noted that successive Governments have failed not just the public in this area, but dentists as well. The Government needs to ideally work to a situation where more dentists divulge more time to the NHS Dentistry sector . It is a two way ... Read More

NHS Dentists to be rewarded for more patients.

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Changes to dentists' contracts will make it easier for patients to find an NHS dental surgery, the UK Health Secretary has promised. NHS Dentists are no longer to be rewarded primarily for the number of fillings they carry out. [caption id="attachment_382" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="NHS Dental Service"][/caption] Dental Practitioners will instead have a bigger chunk of their dentist salary decided on the number of patients they have, and serve. "Quality" and "prevention", rather than quantity of treatments, are the new buzzwords. The reforms, outlined in an independent ... Read More

Dentists on huge salaries in the UK

Categories: NHS Dentistry

According to National Health Service statistsics, there was a total of 645 dentists who earned over £250,000 in the UK. More incredible than that, the NHS report found that 159 dentists earned between £250,000 and £275,000, 113 earned between £275,000 and £300,000, and 382 earned more than £300,000. The statistsics are based on an official NHS report which has all the data from the 19,500 dentists in the UK. • The average dentists' wage was £89,062 . • 7,500 dentists' run their own practices ... Read More

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