Gum Disease Vaccine

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Human trials could be just 3 years away for a Periodontitis Vaccine. The company behind it CSL from Australia say they are in advanced stages of development. The current stage is trials on mice, a few years down the line, human trials will occur if everything runs smoothly. The company's chief scientific officer, Dr Andrew Cuthbertson, said: ‘It has taken over 10 years to develop the vaccine to this stage. The plan is to develop the vaccine, and to have an antibiotic gel that those with ... Read More

Dentists able to help identify those at risk of a heart attack

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It is being suggested by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, that dentists are able to help identify those at risk of a heart attack. The study was carried out involving 200 men and women over the age of 45. Those who took part in the study did not have any known cardiovascular problems, or at risk of imminent heart attack. During a standard visit to their dentists in Boras and Gothenburg they were checked out for known risk factors for ... Read More

Technology & A New Decade For Dentistry

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We are on the brink of a new decade, already! It seems like yesterday since the celebrations of the new millenium. Colgate decided to do some research in the area of consumer perceptions regarding dentistry and oral health. We have shared their research here. It is interesting for dentists and dental practice owners to take note of how technology and the internet is shaping peoples perceptions and knowledge. People will more and more go first to the internet for information. If you are ... Read More

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